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ECT Moving and Cleaning News is always on the looking for good content.

If you are a moving or cleaning business owner and are looking to get you message out there or simply love to write about your industry then we will happily consider your content.

Write For ECT Group – Guest Posts – Cleaning Content

Please note we do have some strict measures in place as when we first put up this page somehow we got bombarded with irrelevant requests for articles to go on our site that had nothing to do with moving or cleaning.

We will not make our guidelines completely public. But it is to do with a lot of common sense such as making sure your content is to to with moving and cleaning. Plus you are note trying to stuff an endless amount of links in the article. One link is acceptable.

If you would like to submit a content request please use the form below. Please ensure that you submit your content in your request. Either in the comments section to a live link in Dropbox or something like Google Drive or actually attached the Word file.

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