What to Leave for the Movers to Pack

When you move you might be wondering if you should be packing everything yourself or leaving a few things to let your moving company pack.

At the end of the day there is nothing that you can’t pack. If you pack yourself you are going to safe money but you might put your possessions at risk as you don’t pack for a living and don’t understand how easily things can be damaged when being moved. Getting a professional mover in the obvious choice and in the long run it might end up being cheaper if you end up damaging some of your goods that need replacing due to poor packing.

Use Plastic Packing Crates

If you want the Beez Neez of packing then get plastic packing crates. If you have even been in the offices of a courier or transport company you may have seen these lying around. Plastic packing crates can be dented like cardboard boxes can even if dropped. Think about how much that cardboard box is going through. How many times it will be picked up, based around, moved and so on. Before , during and after the move.

Also think about how much time you will spend taping boxes closed. Plastic packing crates jut snap shut, simple!

Be There or Be Square!

If you decide to get a professional moving company to help with your packing. Be there, be present. This way you will know what boxes contain what items. An easy way to mange this is to just take some notes on your phone. Any packing company worth half their worth will have the packing crates they use numbered or have a section on them to write a number.

You can easily keep track of what is in what or just use the room the crate is for. For example crates 1 to 5 are for the kitchen, crates 6 to 9 and for the living room and so on.

Pack Sooner Rather than Later

If you are packing yourself then start soon. Start a good four weeks out. This is exactly what I recommended my customer did when I ran my moving company and it’s also what I recommend on my moving checklist.

You would be surprised how many times I had customers ‘reschedule’ their move when they did their own packing as they though it would only take a few hours. Trust me! Start early! As in weeks early! Even a small two bedroom apartment can take a few days to fully pack to be ready to move.

Be Fragile with the Fragile

Take care with fragile items. And even if you do get a moving company to pack for you it is still best that you pack your fragile items. If they are not big it’s even a good idea to transport them yourself. If you have room to fit a few boxes in your car.

The other things you can pack yourself that don’t really need the help of a professional moving company is things like bedding and pillows. Blankets and pillows can’t exactly break from being dropped. So it’s very easy to pick up a few cardboard boxes form shops or online and pack them up. This will save you money with your move.

Bonus Tip

In the UK your moving company can’t actually disconnect your oven or white-goods. So this task falls on you. Don’t forget to do this as if you leave the property and start your trip to your new place you will get a call from your moving company telling you tom come back pronto!