Spring Clean like a Pro!

Spring cleaning. No one want’s… Ok, yes I know it’s boring but your don’t need to fall asleep just yet!

Are you back? Ok good!

As I was saying no one want to spring clean at the end of the day. It sucks! But is a good thing to do on a yearly basis. Here are my top tips for spring cleaning like a pro and save you some money while you’re at it.

1. Use an Onion to cry all day clean your Grill

You heard me! Use an onion. Yes, the thing that makes grown men cry.

You will want to heat your grill just slightly, then spray on some white vinegar. Let it site for a minute or so and the go to town! Use half and onion like a sponge and scrub hard. The acid in the onion will actually help break up the left over residue.

2. The Magic of Dustpans and Mop Buckets

Do you only have small sinks in your home? How are you going to fill that mop bucket?

Let me introduce you to the dustpan-mop-bucket combo! I’ll the the picture do the talking for you. Now you know how to do it right? Got it, good!

Now don’t forget to bill the builder of the property for the cost of your dustpan on the basis that they should have installed sinks that are large enough to fill a bucket with!

3. The Good Old Towel around the Broom Trick!

You have a towel…

You have a broom…

You have hard to reach places that are a pain to dust…

Are you getting this? Ok, if not it’s quite simple really. Wrap your town around the top of your broom. You can even use some duct tape to hold it in place. You how have a long duster that can reach all the places you couldn’t before hand!

4. Lemon Fresh Sinks!

Do your skins have those ugly water stains? That’s an easy fix. Take a lemon, cut it in half and get to work. Scrub that sink like you life depended on it. Leave the lemon juice on the skin for a good thirty minutes before washing it off. This will allow the acid in the lemons to clear out the water stains.

But you now have half a lemon, what to do? Move on to the next tip!

5. Microwave Lemon Magic

Take the left over lemon you had and squeeze it into a bowl. Add 1/2 a cup on water and plop the left over lemon into the bowl of not 50% lemon juice and 50% water. Turn on the microwave for three minutes and then let it cool down for another five minutes.

Don’t open the door for the entire 8 minutes! Heating the water for so long in the microwave will pretty much loosen up all the grime and gunk in the microwave. Once those 8 minutes have passed you can wipe everything down with minimal effort.

Read this to find out some more tips on what you can clean with something as simple as a lemon.


5 Office Cleaning Tips for a Budget

Are you in charge of keeping your office clean? Here are 10 hassle free tips that you can implement to keep your office clean with the help of your staff.

Keep the Kitchen Spotless

The kitchen can be one of the dirties places in an office. It’s generally not just a kitchen when it’s in the workplace. People can spend their entire lunch breaks in the kitchen so naturally it can get quite dirty and you never want your staff to get sick from a dirty kitchen.

It’s best to have the kitchen cleaned daily. Just like you would at home. Wiping everything down but due to the high volume nature of a work kitchen it’s best to scrub the sink and microwave with detergent also. Along with wiping down all the tables with a disinfectant.

Rubbish Rotation

If you don’t have professional cleaners coming in to clean for you the the rubbish can pile up. You can easily solve this by creating a rubbish roster and posting it in a place all staff can see. It’s best to add a main person and a backup cleaner in case the main person is off sick.

Send an email each Monday morning advising staff of the new roster also.

The scheduled person simply needs a janitorial cart and then they can go around the office and clear out all the bins. A janitorial cart can be bought quite cheaply for about $100.

Get Vacuuming!

The carpet should be cleaned on a nightly basis. This can be built into your cleaning schedule that was mentioned above. For this you’ll need a proper carpet cleaning machine. Now you don’t need a fancy $3,000 piece of machinery. What you will want though is a backpack vacuum.

Having a backpack vacuum will make it easy for your staff to just pop on the machine after the work day is done and spend a few minutes cleaning. These machines can run a good $500 each for basic models. But in comparison to the monthly retainer of $500 at a minimum for complete cleaning and janitorial services that $500 once off or $1,000 if you get two is very cheap for a business.

The other option is to actually hire a professional office cleaning company. For example Workplace Janitorial Services – office cleaning company offers three and five day cleaning programs. You don’t need to commit to a daily cleaning program. You can start small and go from there.

Regular Keyboard Cleaning

Have you ever heard the saying that your keyboard caries more germs than a toilet seat? Well think about that for just a moment. Normally a toilet is cleaned on a regular basis but how often is a keyboard cleaned? Almost never!

Keyboard are generally missed as it’s seen as a personal item for staff to look after. But in reality no one even looks after their keyboard.

Once a quarter you should schedule a keyboard clean as a minimum but it’s better done each month. The video below is an excellent guide on how to clean any mechanical keyboard.


The bathrooms are the one place you might not be able to get away with not having outside cleaning staff coming in. It’s simply not fair to have an officer work be expected to do this task. The good news is that lots of companies who offer office cleaning services also offer supplemental janitorial staff. This way you’ll be able to have the cleaning contractors come in just to deal with the bathroom cleaning.

Overall this will save you a long of money in the long run.