The Cheapest Way to Move a Mattress (Discount Tips)

Moving a mattress can definitely be a huge hassle. Because of the size of a mattress, it can be difficult to transport your mattress from one place to another. Things are going to be even harder for you if your mattress is larger or heavier. With that said, if you’re hoping to move your mattress without spending a fortune, there are some options you can try.

Enlist the Help of Your Family and Friends

You don’t necessarily need professionals in order to move heavy items like mattresses. Let your family members and friends know that you’re going to be moving. See if any of them are willing to help you. A lot of people will be glad to assist you with your move if you supply them with food.

If you can work with people you know instead of movers, you’ll be able to spend a lot less. If you have enough manpower on hand, you’ll be able to move any item without issue, even something as heavy as a mattress.

Move Your Mattress Last

If you’re trying to navigate your mattress around the other furnishings in your home, you’re going to have a tough time. Instead of moving your mattress right away, you should prop it up against the wall. You can move in later on when all of these items are out of the way.

You don’t have to rush to move your mattress. If you save this job for last, the experience will be a lot smoother. In addition to that, it’s far less likely that items will be damaged while you’re transporting your mattress. You’ll be able to save yourself some trouble and protect your stuff at the same time.

See If You Have the Option of Hiring Movers When You Rent a Truck

If you’re already going to be spending money to rent a truck or a van for your move, you should see if you can afford to hire movers as well. While it can be very costly to hire movers, the price will be a lot lower if you’re the one taking care of the truck. Depending on your location, it’s possible that you’ll be able to hire movers for as little as $100.

If you do hire movers, they’ll be able to load and unload the truck you’ve rented for you. This means that they’ll be able to move your mattress. You won’t have to lift a finger; they’ll do all the hard work. Your movers won’t just help you with your mattress; they’ll take charge of your move and make things easy for you.

Look Into Replacing Your Mattress

Are you happy with your mattress? If you’re not satisfied with your current mattress, and you’ve been thinking about replacing it anyway, why not do that now? It doesn’t make sense to spend money to move your mattress if you already wanted a new one.

If you do replace your mattress after your move, you’ll only have to move your old mattress to a place where it can be disposed of. Doing this will save you from the stress of moving a mattress, and it will also allow you to pick out a mattress that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night. If you need a good discount use mattress coupon site.

If you’re concerned about how much it will cost to move your mattress, you should take a deep breath. While moving items like this can be expensive, there are also a lot of things that you can do that will allow you to spend less. If you look at all of your choices, you’ll be able to control your spending and still get your mattress taken care of.

Ultimate Moving Task List: How to Prepare for and What to Do After Relocation

There are many tasks to strike off before and after a big move. If you don’t stay organised, it can get a bit confusing and overwhelming. It’s best to keep a list of things you need to accomplish to minimise any issues or problematic situations from arising.

Below are task lists for before and after the move to keep you focused.

Tasks to Complete Before the Move

Packing isn’t the only task you should be doing before a move. There are a couple of things you should accomplish before relocating to a new place. Keep the list below in mind during your moving preparations.

1. Make a Plan

Planning is vital for any project as big as a move to run smoothly. Before taking any action, think about what you need to do and how you want to handle everything. Make sure to consider your daily schedule and how much time you can allocate for moving preparations.

Below are some tasks to think about while planning:

* Inform your employer about the move (if it will affect your job performance or status at work)

* Turn in a 30-day notice to your landlord (if you are renting a place)

* Disconnect or transfer utilities to your new address

* Hire a removalist for your big move

During this phase of the move, you may also want to consider the possibility of dispensing tasks to professionals or other people. After all, relocating can be a big production. So, ask for help if you need it. If there are tasks that can be done by professionals (and you can afford it), by all means delegate them.

It would be a good idea to write your moving plans down in a dedicated notebook to remember everything. You can then keep track of expenses and jot down all of your moving task lists and any other related to-do items.

2. Conduct Research on Professional Removal Companies

After planning, search for a professional moving company you can partner with. You will want one that understands your needs and has years of experience under their belt. As you work your way through each moving business, take note of important factors such as their licence, price quote and services.

It would be a good idea to look for one that provides other removal services as well. For instance, some companies help their clients pack their belongings and clean their new home so it is ready for occupancy come moving day. As mentioned before, if you can delegate tasks to others, do so.

3. Calculate Potential Costs

Once you have a plan in mind and have done your research on professional removalists, calculate any expenses you might incur before and after the move.

Below are some costs that you need to consider:

  • Supplies (i.e., cartons, tape, foam peanuts, etc.)
  • Moving company fee
  • Fees for other removal services (i.e., help with the packing and renting a storage unit)
  • Disconnection or transfer fees for utilities (including your internet service provider)
  • Food (for the first couple of days if your kitchen isn’t set up at the new house)
  • New items for the house (i.e., new or more furniture and appliances)
  • Buffer fund (for any incidentals that might occur before, during or after the move)

After you calculate potential moving costs, you should have a general idea of how much you are willing to spend and what you can actually afford. As such, it is time to set your budget in stone.

4. Sift Through Belongings

Go through everything you own before packing. Separate your belongings into groups, namely items you will keep and things you would like to donate, sell, put in storage, or give away to family or friends.

Make inventory lists (in your special moving notebook) of the items in each group. These listicles will come in handy during the packing phase.

5. Clean Your New House

Make sure your new house has been cleaned before you move into it so that after a tiring move, you are assured of a completely liveable new home.

A pristine home will help you get settled faster. You’ll be able to unpack your things and place them in designated cupboards, closets, etc., immediately. If you don’t have the time to scrub down the new plac, hire someone who can.

As a form of courtesy (or if it is in the tenancy contract), be sure to clean your old place before giving the keys to the landlord.

6. Pack Your Possessions

About two weeks before the move or earlier, start packing your things. Use the inventory lists you’ve made to label the boxes correctly. Additionally, if you have older kids or other family members moving with you, instruct them to do the same.

Don’t forget to separately pack your overnight essentials bag to include a change of clothes, toiletry or hygiene kit, drinking water and snacks.

Tasks for After the Move

Below are tasks you need to attend to as soon as you arrive at your new place.

  • Make sure the utilities are turned on.
  • Double-check boxes, furniture, and other paraphernalia.
  • Unpack items that you need immediately.
  • Find the circuit breaker box and water valve in your new home.
  • Change the locks.

Once you’ve accomplished all the tasks above, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new home. Unpacking may take time but, by now, the most crucial tasks should have already been finished. So have fun finding a place for all your possessions and setting up your new house.

Don’t rush the experience; just enjoy it.

Craig Jones is the Managing Director at Aussiemove, Australia’s largest independent moving alliance. Craig is a respected member of the removalist network in Australia, having served in senior positions, including the President of the removal industries governing body, the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA).

8 Key Considerations When Hiring House Cleaners

Everyone wants to have a clean, organized home. Not only will this increase your property’s value and functionality, but this will also benefit the household health-wise. You and your family can get sick if your abode is full of dirt, dust, and germs, especially if you have allergies. That’s why it’s important to make sure that every corner of your house is free of any of these contaminants.

The biggest problem among most homeowners today (including yourself, perhaps), is the time constraint. With today’s busy lifestyles, you don’t have enough time to thoroughly perform all house cleaning tasks. Though you can regularly sweep and mop the floors, wipe the surfaces and tidy up rooms during weekends, this is not enough to ensure a truly germ-free and clean home.

What’s the best solution, then? Well, consider getting reliable home cleaning services for your house today. Here are eight key considerations that will help point you in the direction of the best service providers in your area.

1. Reputation

A cleaning company that has been in the industry for years is sure to have dealt with several properties already. Their reputation is often backed by their superb work history and satisfied former and existing clients.

So it would be wise to ask for references and ask them yourself if they are satisfied with the company’s service. This is one of the best ways to make sure that the home cleaning service providers you want to hire are reliable.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Some independent maid services may expect you to supply the cleaning products for a job. However, reputable service providers often bring along their own house cleaning products that are effective and safe both for you, your family, pets, and the environment.

In addition, good house cleaners also make use of a wide range of high-quality equipment to make the cleaning process more effective and efficient.

3. Insurance

If a housekeeper unintentionally fell or slipped while cleaning your bathroom, this situation might not be covered by your homeowner’s policy. So make sure that the cleaning company has liability and employee accident coverage, which covers the maids, the company, and your home.

4. Hiring Process

How the maids are employed by the company is also a crucial consideration. This ensures that the cleaners you let inside your house are dependable and are carefully screened to ensure that they have no criminal record, for your peace of mind.

5. Quality Assurance

A trustworthy maid service implements quality assurance procedures to make sure that their house cleaning services meet quality standards. A manager can inspect how every cleaning task is done to be sure that a high quality of service is upheld at all times.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Reliable cleaning companies will prioritize their clients’ satisfaction. You must ask how the company measures this. Some may use a survey on paper or online, while the others may call you right after the cleaning is done to get your feedback. If a company takes steps to measure how satisfied their clients are, it means that they value their customers’ satisfaction and are happy to improve their processes based on feedback.

7. Cost

The cost of the cleaning services is indeed one of the crucial considerations, but remember not to base your decision on price alone. Instead, look into the services included in the quote provided.

Also, decide if you are going to pay the cleaning company a flat fee or by the hour. The problem with paying by the hour is that the housekeepers may stretch out jobs so they’ll take more time. On the other hand, paying a flat fee may mean that the cleaners will rush through their work.

But remember that regardless of whether you pay by the hour or pay a flat rate, the best cleaners will always do a great job.

8. Trial Period

If you have narrowed down your options to at least two cleaning companies, it would then be a smart idea to begin a trial period (say, a month). This will give you an opportunity to assess what the cleaners are capable of. If you are not satisfied with one company’s service, then proceed to the other service provider.

If you are satisfied with their work, you would want to take note of the names of the professional cleaners who worked on your home and request that they be the ones to clean your home again during your preferred cleaning schedules. Remember that a trial period will protect both you and the house cleaners.

Hiring professional home cleaners on a regular basis can definitely bring you a sense of relief, but this will only happen if you have performed thorough research to determine who the best service providers are.

So before allowing professional cleaners to enter your abode, take these eight above-mentioned things into consideration to make sure that you hire the best maids possible.

Mohamed Samad is the Founder & CEO of Matic Services. He started the company in 2016 after a series of small start-ups within the home services sector.

Spring Clean like a Pro!

Spring cleaning. No one want’s… Ok, yes I know it’s boring but your don’t need to fall asleep just yet!

Are you back? Ok good!

As I was saying no one want to spring clean at the end of the day. It sucks! But is a good thing to do on a yearly basis. Here are my top tips for spring cleaning like a pro and save you some money while you’re at it.

1. Use an Onion to cry all day clean your Grill

You heard me! Use an onion. Yes, the thing that makes grown men cry.

You will want to heat your grill just slightly, then spray on some white vinegar. Let it site for a minute or so and the go to town! Use half and onion like a sponge and scrub hard. The acid in the onion will actually help break up the left over residue.

2. The Magic of Dustpans and Mop Buckets

Do you only have small sinks in your home? How are you going to fill that mop bucket?

Let me introduce you to the dustpan-mop-bucket combo! I’ll the the picture do the talking for you. Now you know how to do it right? Got it, good!

Now don’t forget to bill the builder of the property for the cost of your dustpan on the basis that they should have installed sinks that are large enough to fill a bucket with!

3. The Good Old Towel around the Broom Trick!

You have a towel…

You have a broom…

You have hard to reach places that are a pain to dust…

Are you getting this? Ok, if not it’s quite simple really. Wrap your town around the top of your broom. You can even use some duct tape to hold it in place. You how have a long duster that can reach all the places you couldn’t before hand!

4. Lemon Fresh Sinks!

Do your skins have those ugly water stains? That’s an easy fix. Take a lemon, cut it in half and get to work. Scrub that sink like you life depended on it. Leave the lemon juice on the skin for a good thirty minutes before washing it off. This will allow the acid in the lemons to clear out the water stains.

But you now have half a lemon, what to do? Move on to the next tip!

5. Microwave Lemon Magic

Take the left over lemon you had and squeeze it into a bowl. Add 1/2 a cup on water and plop the left over lemon into the bowl of not 50% lemon juice and 50% water. Turn on the microwave for three minutes and then let it cool down for another five minutes.

Don’t open the door for the entire 8 minutes! Heating the water for so long in the microwave will pretty much loosen up all the grime and gunk in the microwave. Once those 8 minutes have passed you can wipe everything down with minimal effort.

Read this to find out some more tips on what you can clean with something as simple as a lemon.


5 Office Cleaning Tips for a Budget

Are you in charge of keeping your office clean? Here are 10 hassle free tips that you can implement to keep your office clean with the help of your staff.

Keep the Kitchen Spotless

The kitchen can be one of the dirties places in an office. It’s generally not just a kitchen when it’s in the workplace. People can spend their entire lunch breaks in the kitchen so naturally it can get quite dirty and you never want your staff to get sick from a dirty kitchen.

It’s best to have the kitchen cleaned daily. Just like you would at home. Wiping everything down but due to the high volume nature of a work kitchen it’s best to scrub the sink and microwave with detergent also. Along with wiping down all the tables with a disinfectant.

Rubbish Rotation

If you don’t have professional cleaners coming in to clean for you the the rubbish can pile up. You can easily solve this by creating a rubbish roster and posting it in a place all staff can see. It’s best to add a main person and a backup cleaner in case the main person is off sick.

Send an email each Monday morning advising staff of the new roster also.

The scheduled person simply needs a janitorial cart and then they can go around the office and clear out all the bins. A janitorial cart can be bought quite cheaply for about $100.

Get Vacuuming!

The carpet should be cleaned on a nightly basis. This can be built into your cleaning schedule that was mentioned above. For this you’ll need a proper carpet cleaning machine. Now you don’t need a fancy $3,000 piece of machinery. What you will want though is a backpack vacuum.

Having a backpack vacuum will make it easy for your staff to just pop on the machine after the work day is done and spend a few minutes cleaning. These machines can run a good $500 each for basic models. But in comparison to the monthly retainer of $500 at a minimum for complete cleaning and janitorial services that $500 once off or $1,000 if you get two is very cheap for a business.

The other option is to actually hire a professional office cleaning company. For example Workplace Janitorial Services – office cleaning company offers three and five day cleaning programs. You don’t need to commit to a daily cleaning program. You can start small and go from there.

Regular Keyboard Cleaning

Have you ever heard the saying that your keyboard caries more germs than a toilet seat? Well think about that for just a moment. Normally a toilet is cleaned on a regular basis but how often is a keyboard cleaned? Almost never!

Keyboard are generally missed as it’s seen as a personal item for staff to look after. But in reality no one even looks after their keyboard.

Once a quarter you should schedule a keyboard clean as a minimum but it’s better done each month. The video below is an excellent guide on how to clean any mechanical keyboard.


The bathrooms are the one place you might not be able to get away with not having outside cleaning staff coming in. It’s simply not fair to have an officer work be expected to do this task. The good news is that lots of companies who offer office cleaning services also offer supplemental janitorial staff. This way you’ll be able to have the cleaning contractors come in just to deal with the bathroom cleaning.

Overall this will save you a long of money in the long run.



What to Leave for the Movers to Pack

When you move you might be wondering if you should be packing everything yourself or leaving a few things to let your moving company pack.

At the end of the day there is nothing that you can’t pack. If you pack yourself you are going to safe money but you might put your possessions at risk as you don’t pack for a living and don’t understand how easily things can be damaged when being moved. Getting a professional mover in the obvious choice and in the long run it might end up being cheaper if you end up damaging some of your goods that need replacing due to poor packing.

Use Plastic Packing Crates

If you want the Beez Neez of packing then get plastic packing crates. If you have even been in the offices of a courier or transport company you may have seen these lying around. Plastic packing crates can be dented like cardboard boxes can even if dropped. Think about how much that cardboard box is going through. How many times it will be picked up, based around, moved and so on. Before , during and after the move.

Also think about how much time you will spend taping boxes closed. Plastic packing crates jut snap shut, simple!

Be There or Be Square!

If you decide to get a professional moving company to help with your packing. Be there, be present. This way you will know what boxes contain what items. An easy way to mange this is to just take some notes on your phone. Any packing company worth half their worth will have the packing crates they use numbered or have a section on them to write a number.

You can easily keep track of what is in what or just use the room the crate is for. For example crates 1 to 5 are for the kitchen, crates 6 to 9 and for the living room and so on.

Pack Sooner Rather than Later

If you are packing yourself then start soon. Start a good four weeks out. This is exactly what I recommended my customer did when I ran my moving company and it’s also what I recommend on my moving checklist.

You would be surprised how many times I had customers ‘reschedule’ their move when they did their own packing as they though it would only take a few hours. Trust me! Start early! As in weeks early! Even a small two bedroom apartment can take a few days to fully pack to be ready to move.

Be Fragile with the Fragile

Take care with fragile items. And even if you do get a moving company to pack for you it is still best that you pack your fragile items. If they are not big it’s even a good idea to transport them yourself. If you have room to fit a few boxes in your car.

The other things you can pack yourself that don’t really need the help of a professional moving company is things like bedding and pillows. Blankets and pillows can’t exactly break from being dropped. So it’s very easy to pick up a few cardboard boxes form shops or online and pack them up. This will save you money with your move.

Bonus Tip

In the UK your moving company can’t actually disconnect your oven or white-goods. So this task falls on you. Don’t forget to do this as if you leave the property and start your trip to your new place you will get a call from your moving company telling you tom come back pronto!